Faith Rules is a fabulous vehicle for you to use with a friend who is interested in the Episcopal Church.  But it also can be used with groups.  In this section, we provide resources that can form an enquirers' class or a confirmation class.  The idea here is to provide a gentle version of ALPHA, which celebrates the broad nature of Anglicanism.  

One can learn from the methodology of the highly successful Alpha.  But unlike Alpha, Faith Rules does not require a weekend away where you are encouraged to engage with the spectacular ‘gifts of the spirit’.  However, Alpha develops a good sense of friendship and community over a meal.  So a good session should include some food and beverages.  Invite people to arrive at 6pm.  After getting some food and drinks, the session should begin at 6.30 and finish promptly at 7.30pm. 

Ideally the group of participants should be no more than fifteen (with half being members of the congregation); and each participant should obtain a copy of Faith Rules.

The six sessions should be organized as follows:

  • Session one: Finding Faith (pre reading section one)
  • Session two: Jesus and Different Religions (pre reading section two).
  • Session three: Finding the way through an Episcopal Service (pre reading section three).
  • Session four: Faith is for Every Day (pre reading section four)
  • Session five: Coping when life is hard. (pre reading sections five and eight).
  • Session six: Hanging out with Episcopalians.  (pre readings six and seven).

The following guidance notes are discussion starters to help groups reflect on the reading.  It is assumed that the group has read a section before the discussion.

Download the Guidance Notes by clicking on the links below:

Session one notes

Session two notes

Session three notes

Session four notes

Session five notes

Session six notes